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Deutsche entlehnte Rechtstermini als Ableitungsbasen polnischer Ortsnamen

  1. Inge Bily


Loanwords, translations and more – On the topic of adopting mediaeval German legal terms into Polish, investigated on the basis of the “Magdeburg judgements”

Legal language belongs to the oldest technical languages. Like other technical languages it is characterized by specific vocabulary. The material our remarks are based on is part of the corpus of the project “Saxon-Magdeburg law as a cultural connecting link between the legal norms of Eastern and Middle Europe” at the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig. This project investigates the spread of the “Saxon Mirror” and the law of Magdeburg in Eastern and Middle Europe. Working on such a topic means considering the results of several fields of knowledge. Within the scope of the German-Polish word comparison of the “Magdeburg judgements” we have mainly asked: How have the words typical for the Saxon-Magdeburg law been adopted into Polish? And which parts have translations, loanwords and explaining paraphrases?

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Germanica Wratislaviensia

136, 2012

Strony od 73 do 81

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