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Partikelverben im Kontrast: auf- und fel-Verben

  1. Petra Szatmári


Preverb-verb combinations in contrast: auf and fel ‘up’ preverbs

Building vocabulary through word formation typically involves the main word types. The second most often used type of word formation processes in German, besides compounding, is the so-called explicit derivation. In her present article the author concentrates on verb-based word formation phenomena. The paper intends to offer a closer look at German verbs combined with the preverb auf within the framework of contrastive linguistics, based on the fact that due to language contact the Hungarian preverb fel was combined with semes of the German preverb auf, resulting in numerous loan translations. Setting out, first of all, from their semantic characteristics, the German auf-verbs are compared with the Hungarian fel-verbs, in order to pinpoint the similarities and differences between them. Through chosen verb groups different syntactic phenomena are demonstrated within the given scope.

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Germanica Wratislaviensia

136, 2012

Strony od 165 do 180

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