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Das englische Exil1 in Hilde Spiels Erinnerungen

  1. Maria Kłańska


The English exile in Hilde Spielʼs memoirs

The Austrian writer and journalist Hilde Spiel spent the years 1936–1946 in English exile. Shortly before she died, she described this time in her memoirs. The aim of this paper is to analyze especially the first part of her memoirs, Die hellen und die finsteren Zeiten (1989), both in the aspect of the life of the writer herself and in the life of other German speaking writers in English exile. At last the article reflects why Hilde Spiel as a late ‘remigrant’ in Austria (1963) did not feel at home again in her homeland and how she thought about her life between the cultures.

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Germanica Wratislaviensia

139, 2014

Strony od 57 do 69

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