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„Schamlos ist nur eine Kunst, die keine Kunst ist“. Die Bedeutung der Erotik in Eberhard Hilschers Romanen

  1. Nina Nowara-Matusik


“Shameless is only that art, which is not art.” The meaning of the erotic in Eberhard Hilscher’s novels

The following article is an attempt at exploring the meaning of the erotic in Eberhard Hilscher’s novels (Die Weltzeituhr, Venus bezwingt den Vulkan, Glückspieler und Spielverderber). The analysis focuses not only on the erotic adventures of the protagonists, but also on the role of the erotic in Hilscher’s esthetic programme. The detailed examination (close reading) of the novels leads to the following conclusion: the author presents different possibilities of the representation of the erotic, which in his view should be conducive not only to the entertainment, but also to the education of the reader.

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Germanica Wratislaviensia

139, 2014

Strony od 87 do 98

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