Beschriebene Bilder — bebilderte Sprache. Zur Materialität und Medialität von Sprache-Bild-Texten am Beispiel von deutschen Demotivatoren

  1. Magdalena


Pictures described — language illustrated. On the materiality and mediality of verbal-iconic texts on based the example of German demotivators

In the article the linguistic analysis of verbal-iconic texts was presented, carried out on the example of German demotivators. It is precisely demotivators that constitute an excellent example of how strong and multidimensional the relation between a word and a picture can be. The constitutive feature of demotivators is the coexistence of two sovereign, and yet to some extent, also symbiotic planes that the plane of language and the plane of picture pose. In turn, the type of relation in which the above mentioned planes remain towards each other determines the functions of demotivators. In the article various types of demotivators were presented, the plane of language and the plane of picture were analyzed as well as the functions of those verbal-iconic texts classified.

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Germanica Wratislaviensia

139, 2014

Strony od 229 do 245

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