Ein Bild, das von einem Rahmen zu dem anderen wandert. „Der Tod in Venedig” von Thomas Mann und „In Venedig“ von Georg Trakl

  1. Andrzej Pilipowicz


A picture that moves from one frame to another. Death in Venice by Thomas Mann and In Venice by Georg Trakl

In the article an attempt has been made to show the poem In Venice by Georg Trakl as a text whose ‘lexical’ frame adopts the pictures appearing in the novella Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. Such a translocation of the image is possible thanks to the hermetic structure of the text by Trakl and the precise construction of the text by Mann. The poem by Trakl is not only a frame for another picture: It creates its own picture that can be seen by anyone who first takes a closer look at its author’s stu­dio – at Trakl’s existential spacetime.

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Germanica Wratislaviensia

137, 2013

Pages from 7 to 23

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